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Walled Garden Membership

Walled Garden Membership

Posted on 12-05-2019 by The Walled Garden Shop

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Each member will receive their own membership card. This will entitle them from time to time to varying member offers in the shop and café once open. As a community benefit society, all our members are equal, with one vote per member at the annual general meeting and any extraordinary meetings that are held, irrespective of the type or number of shares held.

Membership imparts shared ownership and a say in the running of the Society, including the possibility of both voting for, and being elected to, the management committee.

Your membership also shows your support for a community-owned shop and café, and will very much help our fundraising and with future grant applications as community support is a major influencing factor for many grant decisions. Please note, £10 memberships taken up during this period will run until one year after the shop is open to give you a chance to experience the benefits.

You can apply for £10 membership of The Walled Garden Community Shop and Cafe by going to our membership page.